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Shamsa Albedwawi Advocates & Legal Consultants is one of the leading law firms in Dubai with the ability to provide proper and effective business resolutions as well as diligently handling local litigations and international arbitration for individuals & business owners.

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Civil law controls people's and companies' day-to-day lives. The Civil Law System in the UAE is concerned with civil rights and legal relations between private firms and disputes between people and companies. The UAE's civil law system’s central ideas are based on Sharia law. But, there are other elements added that are inspired by the French and Roman law structures. The UAE Civil Code is applicable to all civilians who are either permanently or temporarily living in the UAE, regardless of whether they are UAE residents or expats.

We have a committed team that manages both civil and commercial affairs across the local courts in the UAE. Apart from our commercial lawyers, Ms. Shamsa Albedwawi, the founder of this civil law firm, supports the litigation framing, filing, and execution of the judgments. We handle everything from the First Instance Court to the Cassation Court and the Rental Dispute Centre. Our team has a strong support system of associates, paralegals, and other staff who are adept at the court’s processes. Our secure filing system is congruent with the banking filing standards, making the procedures easier. Our talented groups of advocates in Dubai have experience in dealing with matters in DIFC courts too.

Points to consider while filing a civil case in the UAE:

  • If the matter requires a contractual issue administered by UAE business law, a contract copy must be present.

  • All documents submitted before the court should be translated into Arabic by authorized translation centers.

  • Sharia Law will be applicable in certain civil cases in UAE, especially those involving personal status issues.

  • Specific claims will be subject to both civil and criminal proceedings, like a civil case for a cheque in Dubai, which you can bounce. In such a situation, both civil and criminal cases will be filed together.

  • The Federal Law No. (11) of 1992 is often known as the "civil procedure code UAE.

  • A civil claim must be filed with the relevant court, which is usually the First Instance Court of the appropriate emirate where the defendant lives or works or where the property is located in the case of real estate disputes.

  • If a claim is rejected by the first instance court, in Dubai, the Dubai court appeal process should be initiated within a specific time limit of 30 days; otherwise, the request will be a time-out. On the other hand, if a favourable judgment is achieved in the Emirate of Dubai, the following step is to have the judgment imposed via the Dubai court execution system.



Criminal law is a set of legal rules and regulations which define crimes and impose special punishment or measures for each crime done by a person. The UAE's criminal law is based on Islamic Sharia law, which requires deep understanding and knowledge. Our skilled team of authorized legal consultants and the best criminal lawyer in Dubai are prepared to handle cases ranging from police investigation to indictment and criminal court. In criminal defence, the best offense is a solid defense. Our team consists of the best criminal lawyer in Dubai, highly skilled in UAE criminal law, and looks at every aspect of a charge against an individual. Our firm is proficient at dropping charges and reducing sentences. We come up with the best possible legal solution for each client cost-effectively.

Today, crime is not only restricted to physical harm, moral and physical damage to any human being or an organization also comes under crime. So, it is also essential for any Criminal Lawyer in Dubai to analyze deeply the nature of the crime in order to offer the best suitable advice to their client;

Some of the crimes are:

  • Physical violence
  • Domestic Violence
  • Crimes against the dignity of anyone
  • Financial crimes
  • Drug trafficking
  • Sexual crimes
  • Murder or attempt to murder
  • Kidnapping

We also deal in criminal cases, including cheque bounce cases, money laundering, cheating, forgery, e-crime, drugs, as well as alcohol. We have a dedicated team to handle these types of cases.

“There are in nature neither rewards nor punishments — there are consequences.”