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Shamsa Albedwawi Advocates & Legal Consultants is one of the leading law firms in Dubai with the ability to provide proper and effective business resolutions as well as diligently handling local litigations and international arbitration for individuals & business owners.

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Wills & Conveyancing

A will is a legally framed document that describes who will inherit your assets after your demise. It would normally cover bank accounts, investments, your home, and personal possessions and set out your funeral wishes. Making a will is very important and yet so many people do not get around to it or keep it up-to-date. There is a misconception that if you do not make a will, your possessions are automatically left to your loved ones.

If you live in the UAE, making a will is a must. As everything is systematic here, there is no risk of injustice or exploitation when transferring assets and properties to a legal successor. If a person does not make a will before his/her death, succession planning becomes problematic due to the systematic and monitored structure. For instance, all dependent visas would be canceled, bank accounts would be frozen, benefits and life insurance policies will be handed to the state, partners can claim a right, and wealth distribution shall be based on local legislation.

Our team of legal consultants and succession planners will help you do this in the most systematic way possible. Also, our Wills and Estate Specialists will assist you in drafting your will and managing your assets. Our well-experienced team has outstanding knowledge in Estate Planning Tips, Wills and Trusts, Drafting, Probate and Succession Planning.


Inheritance, estate planning, and Will have an important role in family stability and continuity. UAE is a multicultural hub that is home to expatriates from all over the globe. Our expert team can advise clients on complex legal procedures of making a Will or working on any financial affairs of a deceased loved one. Such family matters are dealt with sensitivity.

Shamsa Albedwawi Advocates & Legal Consultants offers clients peace of mind by helping them on all sides of estate planning and inheritance. We prepare and document wills, trusts, and guardianship agreements that can be effectively implemented within the UAE legal system to ensure that family who has suffered a loss is not again burdened by time-consuming, costly, and complex legal procedures.

We also help non-Muslim expats understand that wills and trusts, estate planning, and other family contracts need to comply with UAE law for effective execution. The absence of such agreements can cause consequential complications, with cases returning by default to Shariah inheritance & guardianship rules and regulations.

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