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Shamsa Albedwawi Advocates & Legal Consultants is one of the leading law firms in Dubai with the ability to provide proper and effective business resolutions as well as diligently handling local litigations and international arbitration for individuals & business owners.

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Medical Negligence

Medical Negligence

Health is wealth, and our law firm values it, so we provide you with a team of attentive and intelligent medical negligence lawyers who take thoughtful steps to defend clients who come to us with health-care-related legal issues. Our competent team of knowledgeable medical negligence lawyers works hard to assist the people who are the victims of medical negligence.

Employees in some job areas are also required to work in risky and dangerous work environments. These can endanger workers' physical and mental health. Our legal consultants will provide legal advice on preventing the negative consequences of working in such situations and litigation involving such problems.

“The difference between right and wrong is often not more than five metres.”