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Shamsa Albedwawi Advocates & Legal Consultants is one of the leading law firms in Dubai with the ability to provide proper and effective business resolutions as well as diligently handling local litigations and international arbitration for individuals & business owners.

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Dubai is a well-known global business hub. Shamsa Albedwawi Advocates & Legal Consultants has seen an increase in demand as advisors to several local and global firms on different issues, including mergers and acquisitions, by offering a custom-made service that meets all business requirements. Our law firm in Dubai has robust skills in drafting and evaluating contracts that safeguard the company's interests to avoid trouble during procedures. In the corporate world, advice and agreements are important. We've counseled different types of significant corporations on business-related legal concerns. Distribution Agreements, Franchise Agreements, Consulting Agreements, Agency Agreements, Copyright & Trademark Agreements, Joint Ventures, as well as Terms and Conditions of Sale, are among the contracts that our best lawyers in Dubai review and prepare for corporate clients.

The foundation and success of a business are dependent upon the corporate setup and structuring. Our highly qualified and equipped team will ensure that setting up your business is hassle free. Our legal experts will assist with the setup and offer legal solutions along with constructive suggestions and strategic direction to reduce the risk of legal disputes. The firm will help you establish your business and guide you towards success.

“We are free to choose our paths, but we can't choose the consequences that come with them.”