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What are the 5 Basic Consumer Rights in the UAE?

With top-notch infrastructure, quick internet services, and a multitude of operational benefits, the UAE government offers a very friendly environment for business owners. Similar to this, the UAE consumer rights have also been carefully crafted to guarantee that consumers are safeguarded and that their rights are upheld by businesses doing business there. Different departments within the UAE's Ministry of Economy are in charge of monitoring multiple aspects of the businesses and organizations that operate there. One of its important sections, the Consumer Protection Department, is responsible for carrying out the legislation governing consumer rights in Dubai.
Consumer rights are safeguarded by Federal Law No. 24 of 2006.

These are basic consumer rights:

  • Right to know: Accurate details about the good or service, such as the ingredients list, the manufacturing, and expiration dates.
  • Right to choose: Have several options for products or services that are of competitive quality and price.
  • Right to Representation: The capacity to voice opinions about the costs, standards, and accessibility of goods and services.
  • Right to Information: To be aware of one's rights and duties as a customer
  • The Right to get Compensation: To be certain that their rightful claims will be treated fairly. For instance, reimbursement for bad products, mediocre services, or consumer-harming actions.
  • Consumer protection law

    A new consumer protection law that was compliant with the Unified Law on Consumer Protection of the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries was passed by the UAE cabinet in 2019. (GCC). It included these provisions:

  • Ensuring that products and services are made available to customers in accordance with their needs and distribution and production procedures.
  • Limiting strategies that strengthen price control and have a bad effect on consumers.
  • Promoting sustainable consumption habits.
  • Defending clients from potential dangers.
  • To protect consumer rights, commercial agents, advertising, and suppliers are regulated.
  • Fostering the development of a free market where consumers have the freedom to make informed decisions at reasonable prices.
  • Encouraging the establishment of an ethics code for distributors and producers.

  • Consumer rights complaints

    You can contact the ministry's hotline at 600-522-225 if you have any complaints about the violation of UAE consumer rights.